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This photo is of my dad with my 1948 8N on the farm where he was born and raised. Please refer to the 8N Restoration Page for tractor details concerning the restoration. Dad purchased this tractor new in August of 1947 with his brother for joint use on Dad's farm and the farm he grew up on.

To the best of my knowledge, most of the machinery which we use is original with the farm. Most of the non 3 point equipment is horse drawn and dates to the turn of the century. Dad thought that his dad had farmed with horses long enough, and replaced the horses with a tractor.

This is a photo of my dad at our camping location. This was the first time in nearly 10 years that the 8N had run on the farm. I had taken it to dad's home for a retirement project 2 years before. As you can see, while he cleaned out the fuel system & replaced the plugs, he did no other work to it. A close look at the rear wheel will show the fluid stains from the brake seal leaks. At this point, one brake worked about 20%.

This is a June 29th, 1997 photo of me with the restored ( and since used ) 1948 Ford 8N with a John Deere No. 2 horse drawn 5 foot mower attached. As near as I am able to determine, this mower was grandpa's and I think it may well be the mower he and Great Grandpa used at the old farm around the corner. Far from being just a show piece, this is a working mower. I cut 3 acres just after this photo was taken, mostly just to keep the weeds in check. Since it has been an exceptionally dry year following extreme snow I have not had a chance to get much done. If you have any manuals ect. for the Mower, I will pay costs for duplication and shipping.

This photo is looking down the "sledding hill". At the bottom you can see the areas which have been mowed to support the coming winters fun, while leaving the Wild Strawberry Patch in this area mostly untouched.

Please forgive the shameless plug but, check out some of my commercial pages from the links below. If you see anything you want just drop me a line and we will get together on it. As I am sure you are well aware, restorations are not cheap :-), and these are one of the ways I try to pay for them.

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