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Light houses and things related are always near and dear to the heart of an old sailor.  As a 8 year veteran of the US Submarine Force this love comes naturally to me.  Bev and I try to visit a couple of new light houses each year to get new ideas for production of this.  Dawn took my photo of the Marblehead, Ohio lighthouse and produced the stunning photo in the photographic art page
Nautical is the area which has been the slowest in sales, do to excessive competition with imports, but we are growing now that we have moved home close to port calcite. 

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Large Yard Lighthouse
A stunning piece which is sure to please any light lover.  Based on the Cape Hatteras light, this piece looks lovely.  It stands about 30 inches tall, and can be equipped with a normal or low voltage light.  We have a pair at the end of the drive here at the home of Intricate Articles, one finished in red candy stripe like our local White Shoal Light, and the matching Presque Isle Green candy stripe to get the desired effect.  I put red and green low voltage lamps (click here to see an example) in these pieces to get my upbound/downbound look at the end of the drive.  They also make it easy for you to find the home of Intricate Articles if you happen by the area.   If you click on the picture, you can see the fine detail and love in this piece.  Standard finishes, such as show will be included.  We can finish to light to look like most standard tower lights if desired.  The basic light sells for $75.00, with optional light installed for $15.00 (you specify low voltage or 120 VAC
), and Fired copper or gold on the top of the light for $15.00.

Lighthouse Thermometer

lhthmo1.JPG (2367 bytes)Here we have our lighthouse thermometer.  At just $25.00 US the price is very good.  Each is finished by hand and signed by the artist.  Please mention lighthouse thermometer.

Shelf Lighthouse Thermometer
Here we have our newest addition to this line.  A shelf style thermometer with the classic lines of our original in a smaller package.  Shown in our new winter wonder land style, this piece is sure to be a hit with all.  At just $25.00 US the price is good to.  Please mention shelf lighthouse thermometer.

Lighthouse Sundial
sundial16.jpg (1640 bytes)Here we have our Lighthouse sun dial.   This piece is shown in Pantene.  It is about 15 inches hi and 12 in diameter.   If you click on the picture you will get a better look.  As shown with the base and pedestal this is a current bargain at just $75.00 US.  Please mention Lighthouse Sun Dial.

Lighthouse Dragon
lthosdr16..jpg (2761 bytes)Here we have our new Lighthouse Dragon.   Shipped with a cone holder for incense.  This works very well with a small candle or electric light.  As shown $75.00 US.  Click on the image for a better look.  Please mention Lighthouse Dragon

Presque Isle Lighthouse
soon.jpg (1427 bytes)Available Now!  Just click on the image to view a larger picture.   The first in our lighthouse series.  Based on the Presque Isle Michigan lighthouse.  This is a special lighthouse to us since it is in the same county as is our farm.  We visit here a couple of times per year just to enjoy one of the tallest lighthouses on the great lakes.  Finished with all of the care we can bestow upon this extra special piece.  The first in this series was a special gift to my parents, both of whom were born in Presque Isle county, Michigan.  We hope you enjoy this piece.  If you like this, or other lighthouses, drop us a line as we are considering a full line of lighthouses if the interest is there. Serial numbers 4 to 10 are currently available at the low price of just $80.00 US.  Each includes a certificate with details about the actual light house, and is hand signed and numbered by Bev, our master artist.


Rope Mug
Rope Mug by Intricate ArticlesStock # IA-1405
The rope mug is a favorite among sailors.  A wonderful large capacity mug which will provide years of service.  This will be one coffee cup which no one else in the office will have one like it.  Asking price is just $15.00 US, with a gold (not shown) for an extra $5.00 US.  Please mention Stock # IA-1405 Rope Mug in your message.


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