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    I'm Baron Von Hanzolo Maxamillion, or Hanz, the newest addition to the Intricate Articles Family.

I am going to turn this two cat operation around and into a proper dogs world.  Just you wait.  Here I am on my first day home, having just met Mom and already I have taken over.
Just to keep track, you are visitor Hit Counter to grace my homepage.

 Just to prove a point.  Here I am with Dad checking out his work on an order which is due on only my first full day in charge.  He says that it was just him "burning the Sunday morning oil" to get an order out.
March 26th and I got my first FAN MAIL  from Mark Stanley of fame.
In part he wrote "Heya Don!  A very large name for a currently small dog.  Hanzolo Maxamillion.  I
hope you're not going to buy a monkey and let him be trained as an attack wiener dog.  ("Get your Hanz off me, you damn, dirty ape!")"  Not to worry, the pun is typical, but I like him already as he features a canine as a main character.

May 2nd:  What a month it has been.  Learned all about outside and taking over.  As you can see, I a growing nicely here as I show off to Dad how I can fly.
May 26th: Dad & Mom take me for my first lighthouse, 40 Mile point near Rogers City, MI. 

Here I am running away from my first visit to the lake.  It was COLD!!!!  My poor paws did not like it!  This shot is still at Lighthouse park, near the 40 mile point light station.  If you look at the above listed hyperlink you can see the full light in the background with Mom and I walking by.  I also got my chance to check out my first 'laker part, the Pilot house from SS Calcite which also now lives on the lighthouse park grounds.

Here I am showing off my new Doggles® ( all rights reserved) which Dad got for me at petsmart.com.  All of the chicks think that I am extra cute with these on.  Just to prove that I am the most cute dog in the world, as you can see from my adoring sister.

I know, its been a while since Dad updated the site.  He has many great photos of me from the time, but has not quite felt well enough to work on it. Below is a photo of me in my new cool weather sweater (jackets to follow soon)., which I am just finally getting to where I will wear it.


Dad took me for a nice long walk in that place he says "this will be your new home a few months Hanz", but I just don't quite get it

Dad & Mom had me try out some duds for "Christmas"????

It snowed reciently, boy was that cold and fun.  A couple of photos of me, first getting ready to go out in my new coat with my name on the back, then my first meeting with snow.

and after looking at this cold stuff I go out

Turns out that snow is FUN!  Tastes good too!!  Dad & Mom said that I might be able to go cross country skiing with them as well, once dad gets a Hanzolo carrier for when I get tired.

Christmas came and it was fun.  I got to dress up like Mom & Dad

And a shot of me resting on the way between the new and old houses, seems like a long way to go for the fun that I can get though


I know its been a while, but we were moving into a new place.  Dad and mom have taken a few pictures but they have been so busy they did not have time to post anything in the last few months.  I got dad to put up the one where I am helping him to rake the yard for seeding preparation so I could have my own yard to run and play in.  Good thing I was with him, otherwise how would he have known when to drop the rake?

well, it took dad a few hours, but the yard looked great when he was done, and a few weeks later, when the grass was in Mom & Dad put up a deck and fence in the back for me to play in.  Check back soon since things are happening and dad finally has time to work on my page with me again.

Well, mom has done it again.  She made dad and I MATCHING SHIRTS!

Dont I look just so cute, dressed just like Dad?  This is our first time trying them on, but they look great to me and now I look just a good as dad on Friday.  My shirt is the exact match, down to the collar design, as dads and its GREAT!
Just for a laugh, a couple of historical pix of Dad and I while riding in the truck

Just thought that you would get a laugh from them.  Dont I look good in these???


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