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We offer custom finishing on almost every piece we produce. The limits are described below. Unlike some of our competion on the web, we show only our finished products, not mold vendor catalog scans

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Color Vendors

We use a full line of vendors in our product development and production.  I have chosen to give you links to the color pages for some of the best for glazes.

Duncan Ceramics 
One of the largest and oldest.  They change there page around a bit so if the link below does not work go to the basic /ceramics/ and select glazes under products. We would like to suggest you consider the courtyard series of glazes, very interesting.            

Mayco Colors  To many separate items to list.  As a general rule we work in glazes and stains only, not underglazes so.

Ceramichrome    To many separate items to list.  As a general rule we work in glazes and stains only, not underglazes so.

Food Containers

The only limit we put on the piece is that we will not, for any price, use a non certified food safe glaze on any of the dishes where any food contact is possible.  On food containers we use only commercially available certified FOOD SAFE glazes.  We will use art glazes and stains on the outside portions of the food containers where no contact is possible


Glazes produce a nice hard finish.  We mostly use clear for the inside of food containers, and black.  As a general rule, we use glazes as a uniform color on the piece.  The look is effective, but does not have the fine details highlighted.  Fully glazed pieces are dishwasher safe unless they have gold or mother of pearl on them.  We can use under glazes to produce additional colors while remaining food safe, but never with the level of detail which stains offer


Our most common finishing option.  Most of our pieces are finished in the "dry brushed" style of staining to get great detail.  This offers the most options as we can blend to get just the right color using this technique.  All of our Carousel Animals are finished in this method for example

.Now that we are done with the basics, lets get on to some of what we have done.  We will start with Dragons as that is the area of the most of the questions come from.

Our basic themes are Green, Red, and Blue for the dragons.  Click on the color to view a picture which has an example.

For general pieces, we offer black, pewter and patina looks.  We also offer a full line of stone looks with or without texture and glitter flecks are required to get the desired effect.

We offer a full line of glazes.  

Shown on the evil chess pieces we have our
Heirloom Silver
Antique Brass
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Antique Bronze
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