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A word which has inspired dread and worry in all who heard it for thousands of years.   What is a dragon and how did they come to have such a reputation?  We have no answer the second question.  But are sure that you will love what we have to offer in our attempt to look at the first.  All of our pieces are "born" in a fire of over 1800° F.  After there "birth by fire" they are loving finished one at a time by our accomplished artists, ensuring no to pieces are exactly the same.  We have searched far and wide to ensure a good quality dragon pieces just for your pleasure.  Enjoy what you see and let us know which pieces we can send to you.today.
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Sleeping Baby
Sleeping baby  This little one is our "Sleeping Baby", the perfect piece to grace you bookshelf or the back of your desk.  Just be careful, you would not want to wake her.  To get a better look just click on the picture for a larger copy. At just $20.00 US this run is sure to sell out soon.  Please mention Sleeping baby if you are interested in this piece

Two Headed Dragon
2head16.jpg (1067 bytes)Here we have our Two headed Dragon.  Shown with the optional Electric lamp, this one is also available with a small oil lamp.  At no additional charge we will include a cone incense holder upon request.  Just click on the image to view the exquisite detail.  As show with the gold belly and electric light this one is a true bargain at just $80.00 US.  Please mention Two Headed dragon in your message.

Guardian Dragon
gard16..jpg (1421 bytes)Here we have our exquisitely finished Guardian Dragon.  Show with the electric modification, this piece is available with an oil lamp.  Upon request we can convert this piece into a smoker by adding a hole in the mouth for the scent to come out.  As show with the gold belly ($10.00) this piece has an asking price of $80.00.   Please mention Guardian  Dragon in your message.

Lighthouse Dragon
lthosdr16..jpg (2761 bytes)Here we have a piece which I personal like quite a bit.  As a lover of all things dragon as well as an ex submarine sailor the lighthouse has a special place in my heart( I think I have one). This piece is just a must have for the gothic and nautical types.  Available as show with the windows opened for use as a candle or incense burner, or fully painted with no open windows as a mantle piece.  As shown with the gold tips this piece sells for just $80.00 US.  Please mention Lighthouse dragon in your message.

Dragon's Claw
claw16.jpg (1422 bytes)Here we have our Dragon's Claw.  Shown with the oil lamp in the palm.  Just click on the piece to get an idea of the wonderful detail involved.   As shown the price is $40.00 US.  Please mention Dragon Claw in your message.

Dragon Goblet
brassdragon160.jpg (5391 bytes)Here we have our Dragon goblet.   Shown in an Antique Brass finish with black glaze.  This piece is finished using commercial glazes and fired to specification to ensure it meets FDA "Food Safe" requirements.  The goblet holds close to a pint and the piece is about 8 inches high.  Finishes are variable upon request, but RED is an extra $15.00.   As shown the asking price is $30.00 US.  Mention Dragon Goblet in your message

Dragon Flute
dragon_glass_160.jpg (4935 bytes)Here we have a smaller wine glass type flute.  This piece is the companion to one of our two Dragon Teapots.  This piece is available for just $25.00 US each.  Please Mention Dragon Flute in your message.

Three Headed Smoker
dragon_smoker_160..JPG (5881 bytes)Here we have the first of our dedicated incense burners.  This smoker of the classic three headed style to have an interesting look.  Just click on the image for a better look.  This piece is available in a wide range of finishes with prices starting at just $30.00 as shown for the pewter look.  A replaceable cone holder is included with all smokers. Please see the smokers page for details on cost for additional cone holders.  Please mention 3 Head Smoker in your message

Winged Smoker
soon.jpg (1427 bytes)Here we have our winged smoker dragon top.  As with all of our other burners, a cone holder is included at no additional cost to you.  The spread wings, shown with optional gold tips ($5.00 US) create a commanding presence for any room.  This piece has a base price of just $35.00 US. Please mention Winged Smoker in your message.

Dragon Carousels
dragcol16.jpg (1358 bytes)For many years the very word dragon was all it took to inspire dread and have the whole village lock down, but not now.  Click on the image to get a look at all 4 dragon carousel pieces shown together just for you to get a feel for the size.  Each is described in detail on the carousel page.  Just click on the image to get a better look.

Dragon Box
drag160.JPG (4452 bytes)Here we have our little Dragon Box.   This little piece is just perfect for hiding away those treasures which require extra guarding.  We use ours to hold cone incense for our smokers.  The wings lift off to reveal a hidden compartment inside. Just click on the image to get a better look at the detail.  A definite steal at just $25.00 US.  Please mention Dragon Box in your message.

Oriental Dragon Teapot
teapot15.jpg (5545 bytes)Here we have the classic lines of an oriental style dragon teapot.  Shown with the optional gold covered stopper.   Just click on the image for a better look.  This is the companion to our Dragon Flute as shown above.  At just $60.00 US for a hand crafted centerpiece this is a very good buy.  Please mention Oriental Dragon Teapot in your message.

Classic Dragon Teapot
clasic dragon teapot, europeanHere we have our classic Dragon Teapot.  On the top is the Wizard who controls the beast.   About half again as large as the oriental, this is suited for those who want to truly impress.  This is the direct companion to our dragon goblet as shown above.   Shown with a detail finish which is not machine washable this piece is also available in simple glaze as shown above.  At just $75.00 US this is a very good buy.   Please mention Classic Dragon Teapot in your message

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