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We offer a small, but growing line of fine Goblets, Glasses, Mugs and Teapots.  As with all of our products, these are Handmade in Michigan by our skilled master craftsmen.  Each piece is finished with commercially available glazes which are certified food safe.  We can finish the outside of the piece in stains with clear or black glazing the inside.  This provides a stunning visual effect, but is gentle hand wash only.  While RED glaze is available, due to cost and difficulty it has an additional $10.00 per unit fee associated with it.  Please forward any questions you might have to:

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Our goblet is offered with three different base styles, as shown below.  All feature the same 24 fluid ounce capacity.  Click on any of the images for a better look at the piece.

Dragon Goblet
Stock # IA-1403
This is the first of the three styles we currently offer, and by far the most popular.  The goblet top is protected by the dragons wing, and rests on her back.  Shown with the Antique brass finish on the dragon and black on the goblet.  A sure conversation piece no matter who you get it for.  As shown, just $20.00 US or a set of four for just $60.00 US.  Gold on the band is an additional $5.00 US per piece.  Please mention Dragon Goblet in your message.

Gargoyle Goblet
gargoyle 160.jpg (4498 bytes)Stock # IA-1402
This is the second, and most interesting of the bases we offer with this classic piece.  The weight of you drink rests firmly on his shoulders, fully supported by his wings.  Just click on the image to view the piece in greater detail.  This piece is shown in the optional brass finish.  This piece is offered for just  $20.00 US or a set of four for just $60.00 US.  Gold on the band is an additional $5.00 US per piece.  Please mention Gargoyle Goblet in your message

Classic Goblet
Stock # IA-1401
Here we have the last of the three 24 oz goblets.  This piece is very basic, but suited to everyday use.  Fully functional, yet just different enough to make that special statement.  This piece is offered for just $15.00 US each or a set of 4 for just $50.00 US.  Gold on the band is an additional $5.00 US per piece.  Please mention Classic Goblet in your message


Dragon Flute
Stock # IA-1404
This is our classic dragon flute.  It holds 8 oz of your favorite beverage.  Just click on the image to view the outstanding detail which this piece offers.  The piece is shown with in Duncan Courtyard #CY-104, Mediterranean Olive and the gold accents.  The asking price for this piece is just $25.00 US as shown, or a set of 4 for just $75.00 US.  Please mention Dragon Flute in your message.  As an extra special offer, we will provide the Oriental teapot, as shown below, and 2 flutes for the low price of just $90.00 US or with 4 flutes for just $130.00 US.


Oriental Dragon Teapot
teapot15.jpg (5545 bytes)Stock # IA-1802
Here we have the classic lines of an oriental style dragon teapot.  Shown with the optional gold covered stopper and detail gold in Duncan Courtyard #CY-104, Mediterranean Olive..   Just click on the image for a better look.  This is the companion to our Dragon Flute as shown above.  Just click here to see the set together.  At just $60.00 US for a hand crafted centerpiece this is a very good buy.  Please mention Oriental Dragon Teapot in your message.

Classic Dragon Teapot
classic european dragon teapotStock # IA-1801
Here we have our classic Dragon Teapot.  On the top is the Wizard who controls the beast.   About half again as large as the oriental, this is suited for those who want to truly impress. Just click on the image to view a full screen version. This is the direct companion to our dragon goblet as shown above.   Shown with a detail finish which is not machine washable this piece is also available in simple glaze as shown above.  At just $75.00 US this is a very good buy.   Please mention Classic Dragon Teapot in your message

Mushroom Teapot
Stock # IA-2002
Our newest addition to our line of classic teapots.  A sure hit with the mushroom lover on your list.  Goes great with our classic Mushroom Mug.  Solid glaze or stains for just $55.00 US or 3 color custom glaze for just $60.00 US.  Please mention Stock # IA-2002 Mushroom Teapot in your message.


Mushroom Coffee Mug
Stock # IA-2001
A classic mug for the lover of mushrooms.  Unlike anything else on the market.  Shown in our own custom camel background scheme, which is just one of several that we offer on this series of pieces.  A wonderful companion piece for the Mushroom Teapot.  Just $15.00 US each in a single glaze, or $20.00 US each as shown.  Gold accents are available on this piece email us for the details.  Please mention Stock # IA-2001 Mushroom Coffee mug in your message


Rope Mug
Rope Mug by Intricate ArticlesStock # IA-1405
The rope mug is a favorite among sailors.  A wonderful large capacity mug which will provide years of service.  This will be one coffee cup which no one else in the office will have one like it.  Asking price is just $15.00 US, with a gold (not shown) for an extra $5.00 US.  Please mention Stock # IA-1405 Rope Mug in your message.



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