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The game of the old nobility.  First found in what is now called China, the ancient war game has been a top favorite for centuries.  This is a classic example of a very simple game which has very few true masters.  A few hours to learn how to play, a lifetime to master.

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Our major chess sets are designed for use as a centerpiece to any homes' formal area.  At approximately 24" by 24" (60cm by 60 cm) this is a set to be proud of.  We offer 2 basic variations, white and black glaze or detail painted, as shown below.  For an additional $35.00 per set we will do the king and queen's crowns in white or yellow gold accent.

Large Chess Set
chess1.JPG (7817 bytes)To the left is a photo of our large gothic chess set. This set comes complete as shown, and features a loving array of whimsical creatures.  Priced at $175 for the basic set, or $350 as shown with the detailed paint. 

gking16.jpg (1388 bytes)eking16.jpg (1574 bytes)Here we have the two kings shown side by side.  The Good King is shown with the optional Full Detail Paint.  Just click on the image to get a better look.

gqueen16.jpg (1327 bytes)equeen16.jpg (1519 bytes)Here we have the queens shown side by side.  The good queen is shown in full detail finish.   Just click on the image for a better look.

grook16.jpg (1355 bytes)erook16.jpg (1515 bytes)Here we have the Bishops.  Both sides feature a stone held high, Amber for good and Red for evil.  Shown in the basic finish vice full detail.  Just click on the images for a better look.

gknights16.jpg (1349 bytes)eknight16.jpg (1585 bytes)Here are the two knights.  Just click on the images for a better look.

gcastle16.jpg (1310 bytes)ecastle16.jpg (1649 bytes)Here we have the castles.  The Evil castle features red stones to accent the evil grin on the front of it.  Just click on the images for a better look

gpawn16.jpg (1305 bytes)epawn16.jpg (1418 bytes)Last, and to many, the most important piece.  The pawn, or the PFC as they would be called today in the military.   The backbone of any successful military campaign.  Just click on the images for a better look.  Shown in the basic detail finish.

A delightful and whimsical set using traditional light lore to provide for a fun to play set.  The detail on this set is outstanding, and as always, we can finish to your desire.  Our base price for this set is $120 for the pieces only, $150 for a complete set with board and sides.
  If you click on any of the pictures, you can view a larger size of the piece.  This set is shown in the optional full detail (add $350), with the basic set being finished in dry stains for a similar look to the gothic sets.  We can add shot for weight and felt bottoms ($70).  The colors are a full range, you specify what you want and we should be able to produce it, ask us and we will give you a quote for any finish you desire.

The Captain, King of the seas.
Here we have a classic example of the most important, piece of the set, The KING, or in the case of a ship, THE CAPTAIN.

The Mermaid, Queen of the seas
Here is a stunning example of a classic Mermaid.  She rules the sea with a delightful look and unerring skill.  Far and away the most powerful piece to play.

Tall Ship, Bishop of the sea
When at sea, we need the right answer, and that is a great tall ship.  Just a fun piece to work from and a pleasure to play with

The Seahorse, Knight of the sea
When at sea, who but a seahorse to provide the knights services?  One of the best looking pieces like this we have produced

Lighthouse, Castle of the Sea
The light station, or Lighthouse, the true Castle of the sea.  Many a sailor owes his life to the information provided by a light, and it is the perfect castle for the classic game.

Dolphin, pawn of the sea
Any who have gone to sea can understand why the Dolphin is the perfect pawn selection.  Fun loving and they love to spend time with man and his ships.  They provide the perfect pawn of the sea.



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