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Custom Carousel Animals

When we started in this business, we wanted to do Doll houses and Carousels.  Bev and I visit and ride classic carousels around the north American continent.  With a long standing love of the "Merry go Round" of our youth, we have chosen some of the finest pieces to provide for you.  Click here to hear the background song ,a little ditty that our daughter Dawn produced just for this page series.
Unless otherwise noted, the large animals are about 12 inches (30 cm), the medium are about 6 inches (15 cm) and the small are about 3 inches (8 cm).  All of the small are shown on the separate Ornaments Page .  Unless noted the large and medium animals are shipped with a wood grain box, with music boxes available for an additional $10.00 US on the large only.  Please visit the Music Box page if you desire one.  Gold saddles wings and such are available, normally for $15.00 US unless otherwise noted.  Mother of Pearl and Hi gloss silver are also available.
Pricing:  Large $55..00 US, Medium $35.00 US unless otherwise noted.  All of the large pieces ship on a wood tone base with a pullout drawer.  The medium pieces can be shipped with a drawer or a music box, but not both.

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Large Carousel Animals

Large Cat Carousel!
This little darling has caught a fish and is bounding home to show it off!  For any of us who have and love cats, we know how the will just bound with joy to show their latest catch off.  You can just about hear the jubilant "I got a fish I got a Fisssh!" as you gaze at this piece.   Click on the image to get a better view.  Please mention Large Cat Carousel.

Large Race Horse
Race Horse CarouselThis is our race horse carousel animal.  Complete with roses about his neck, he is a proven winner.  Click on the image for a better look.  Please mention Large Race horse carousel

Large Wedding Horse
Wedding Horse CarouselThis is the first of several pieces which we have related pieces in several sizes.  This lovely piece is shown with the optional music.  For an additional $25.00 US we will custom mount a brass tag with the names and wedding date on the side of the base.  Click on the image to get a better look.  Please mention the Large Wedding Horse.


Large Christmas Horse
Here we have the newest classic addition to our line.  A classic seasonal horse suitable for Saint Nick himself to ride.  Please mention Large Christmas horse in your message.

Large Elephant
Here we have the larger version of our classic elephant carousel animal.  A truly classic piece for the collector, we finish the blanket and coverings to your desires.  Please mention Large Elephant

Medium Carousel Animals

Medium Rose Horse
Rose HorseHere we have our 6 inch Rose horse.   A wonderful piece with roses about the saddle.  Shown on the Walnut base.   Click on the image for a better view.  Please mention Medium Rose Horse

Medium Cavalry Horse
charger16.jpg (1232 bytes)Here we have a classic example of an old west Cavalry horse.  Just click on the image and you will get a better look.   You can almost hear the bugle calls and see the bangles flapping in the wind.   A must for all 19th century collectors.  Please mention Medium Cavalry horse

A 6 inch version of our classic ornament.  Shown on the classic wood tone box with a drawer

 Fantasy Animals

This is our large unicorn.  Shown on a custom walnut base with the optional gold saddle.  Click on the image for a better view.  This is one of the most sought after creatures ever, with almost more myths about it than any other creature.  This animal is also available in Medium and ornament sizes.  Shown with optional Gold finish on saddle and horn.  Please mention Large Unicorn in your message.

Pegasus, the stallion of the Greek god Zeus's herd of winged horses by some accounts.   Ridden by Percius to deliver the head of Medusa to the Kraken and then placed in the heavens to be remembered for all time by Zeus.  By this account Pegasus was the favorite of Zeus, and Pegasi is the correct plural for winged horses.  This piece is also available in Medium and small (ornament).   Click on the image to view the details.  Shown with the optional American Flag  wings and gold saddle.  Please mention Large Pegasus in your message.


dragcol16.jpg (1358 bytes)For many years the very word dragon was all it took to inspire dread and have the whole village lock down, but not now.  Click on the image to get a look at all 4 dragon carousel pieces shown together just for you to get a feel for the size.  Each will be described in detail below

Large Dragon
lgdragcaro16.jpg (1148 bytes)This is the artists' favorite piece.   One of our best selling units for reasons obvious to all who look.  This piece shown on an older walnut base.  Show with the optional gold saddle this is sure to please all collectors.  The music box of choice for this unit is, of course, Puff the Magic Dragon.  Click on the image to get a better look.  Please mention Large Dragon Carousel.

Medium Dragon
meddragcaro16.jpg (1168 bytes)Here we have the smaller version of our ever popular standing dragon.  Similar in all respects to the large dragon, this piece is a must for all collectors of fantasy carousel pieces.  Just click on the image to get a better look at the exquisite detail which we have lavished on this piece.   A true bargain!  Please mention Medium dragon.

Medium Flying Dragon
medfly16..jpg (1181 bytes)A lovely piece for the more whimsical of pieces.  A wonderful complement to almost any dragon lovers collection.  Just click on the image to view the details.  Just mention Medium Flying Dragon

soon.jpg (1427 bytes) Here we have our Medium Pegasi.  With the exception of size this piece is identical to the large.  Shown on the Walnut base with hand rubbed gold on the wings..  Click on the image for a better look.  Please mention Medium Pegasus

We also offer a full line of small (~3 inch) carousel animals.  Please check our Ornament Page for a complete list of what we currently offer in this area

                         New Offer!

We offer any three of our ornament pieces, as shown on our

Ornament Page , finished to your specifications, on this stunning motion music base.  It plays the carousel waltz, with the end pieces rotating, and the center piece going up and down in time to the music.  At a starting price of just $35.00 it is a unique bargain for all



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